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$ 56

9 bar minimum.

Kava Chocolate Bar

There are two different candy bar flavors, Ginger Coconut, and Pineapple Coconut.

In the nine bar minimum per order, you can mix the two different candy bar flavors. Please use the contact page to let us know quantities of each flavor.

Shipping is included in price.

Our Mermaid label is original artwork by Jeanne, and copyrighted.


4 ounce minimum

Finest Vanuatu Kava

This is the purest grade Vanuatu kava available. Discover the profound, soothing benefits of kava as you savor its rich flavors.

Shipping is included in price.

Pyramid Water

Pyramid restructured and energized water.

Our coveted pyramid water is enhanced by pyramid energy, restructuring it to promote harmony and vitality at the cellular level within the body.

Shipping is included in price.

8oz water, 4 bottle minimum required - $46

16oz water, 3 bottle minimum required - $54