About us

Welcome to Hava Kava Hut, a family-owned company nestled on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Meet Kurt and Jeanne, the passionate and dedicated couple behind this enchanting venture.


For over 15 years, Kurt and Jeanne have been crafting exquisite kava chocolate, Pyramid water, and offering the world's finest Vanuatu kava powder. Their commitment to quality and their love for the Polynesian culture are at the heart of everything they do, including playing Polynesian music with Jeanne on Esraj, an ancient Indian bowed instrument, and Kurt on Pedal Steel Guitar.


Kurt, with his profound knowledge of Egyptian metaphysics and sacred geometry, brings a unique perspective to the art of crafting exceptional products. His wisdom and expertise lend a touch of mysticism to the Hava Kava Hut experience.


Jeanne, on the other hand, is deeply connected to nature and the ocean. She practices dolphin communication, allowing her to connect with the profound energy of marine life and infuse it into their creations. Jeanne teaches Tai Chi Chuan long form, and practices daily with Kurt. Tai Chi Chuan is a moving meditation that allows the practitioner to move subtle energies, increase flexibility and strength, and improve cardiovascular fitness. Her connection with nature adds a harmonious element to their products.


With a strong reverence for the Hawaiian islands and their culture, Kurt and Jeanne bless each product with Aloha. They believe that the spirit of the Islands can be captured in every sip of their kava and every bite of their kava chocolate. It is their way of sharing the magic and serenity found on this Paradise Island with the rest of the world.


In addition to being available in select retail stores across the Big Island, Hava Kava Hut also offers the convenience of online shopping. With just a few clicks, you can bring a piece of Hawaii's tranquility right to your doorstep.


Join Kurt and Jeanne on their journey as they continue to craft exceptional products that embody the essence of the Hawaiian islands. Indulge in the flavors of their kava chocolate, experience the purity of their Pyramid water, and enjoy the finest Vanuatu kava powder available.